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What is On The Green Track?

On the Green Track (OTGT) is a think tank exploring the intersectionalities of travelling by diving deeper into its complexities based on the OTGT podcast, deep destination analysis and inclusive events on the topic of sustainable travel. All three projects are here to deliver inclusive, social and environmentally responsible solutions to an industry, which needs to change faster than ever.

What is sustainable tourism?

On the Green Track, we understand tourism to be about placemaking and storytelling of places and experiences we have during our journey of life. For this reason, we apply different forms of knowledge and practices to think long-term and business as possible – not as usual. We believe that tourism as an industry-only will stay resilient if it starts to engage in all the complexities of its sector and join the green track.


On the Green Track, we do not only focus on the tourists when they are at the destination, we focus on where they are coming from, what they take with them and analyze these in relation to the ecological and cultural needs at the destination. In other words, to make a tourism business model that lasts, we need to focus on connections between destinations and cultures instead of selling their differences.




There are many ways to frame tourism today: as green, as sustainable, as authentic. Yet, to focus on how tourism and travel play into the intersections of environmental, social and cultural traditions and understands is a perspective, which takes us beyond the mundane. Therefore this pod aims to explore the intersections and relationships between leisure, tourism, and human mobility. From an intersectional point of view, this pod succeeds in building bridge theory, marketing and tourism trends in a well-informed and entertaining format.



Deep Destination Analysis is a tool, which looks at the destinations’ process of placemaking. It is an approach that helps to get an overview of the non-material resources at a destination and to find a balance between tourism, people and the planet. This consultancy will help you to identify how your business interact, is influenced by and develops the urban, cultural and natural landscapes.



This blog is meant as a train of thoughts, recent publications and commentaries by Dikte Gronvold. It is also hosting the transcript of the Green Tracking Series, which is a short series commenting and explaining the concepts discussed on the Green Travel Podcast. In this way, the blog functions partly as a dictionary to the OTGT podcast and as a platform to find further work by the author.



Inclusive digital events in tourism are about creating equal and safe spaces in which the intersections of the travel sector can talk together and benefit from one another. These events are carefully organized to explore and bring the tourism sector together on all levels. Thus, the format is individually designed and curated in close collaboration to promise the right foundation for development, new long term contacts and innovation for all the partners involved. Engagement and inclusion are crucial aspects in a digital event format that aims to be in forefront of trends and stay resilient in the future.

I had the pleasure of teaching Dikte at the Master of Tourism program, Aalborg University. She was an outstanding student who uniquely possesses both creative and critical mindsets, as well as the readiness to take actions. Unsurprisingly Dikte also performed very well academically and often received the highest grade for the courses. She is to be highly recommended and will be a valuable asset to any company.

Giang Phi

Assistant Professor in Tourism & Innovation/Entrepreneurship

I have listened to and found great interest in On The Green Track introduction and first episode with Thor Pederson. I have never enjoyed being a tourist but in my later years I have traveled extensively to 44 countries and 46 U.S. states. Thus, I will continue following your podcast with interest. There is much all humans need to learn about each other so I appreciate your endeavors. Thank you.

Michael Whitaker

Documentary Photographer
What happens if we start to think about travelling from an intersectional perspective instead? What if we begin to understand the sustainable tourism cross-sector from a less polarized point of view and instead learn to recognize all the roads in between and new ones within this field?

Dikte Grønvold

The OTGT Author

About the author

With a Masters in Sustainable Tourism and various work experiences within the commercial and sustainable tourism development field, my approach to travel comes from an intersectional point of view. To me, travel is about moving within the complexities of mobility, identity, natural and cultural landscapes, borders of all sorts, local connections and global politics. I believe that when recognizing the challenges of a sustainable transition in tourism, as complex as the sector is, one also recognizes that the solutions for a successful green transition need the same level of complexity. In other words, there is no one-fits-all solution. But there are thousands of avenues, which can help us get to the green transition as our common destination. This gives me hope, and by focusing on the strengths of the intersectional tourism sector, it has a unique platform to innovate, contribute and envision a resilient and inclusive future.

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